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Official Bose Sounddock Series II Review

Bose is a famous name in the sound and music device world.

They’re ergonomically built to be compact and portable. Their designs are innovative and the docking system is especially well-built – especially for iPod users.

They’re popular on the market and continue to be a top rated product today.

After Apple’s iPod took over the largest share of hard drive-based Mp3 players in the market, Bose launched SoundDock, one of the very first docking systems targeted towards the increasing user base of iPods.

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Following its huge success, the company subsequently introduced a new and improved version in the form of SoundDock II that claims to provide audiophiles the best music experience at home or work.

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Bose Sounddock Series

This post serves as a detailed review of the Bose SoundDock series II, aimed to enlighten you regarding the features of the system.

Let’s dig in to find out more.


Bose SoundDock is an all-in-one audio system featuring a large speaker with an iPhone/iPod docking and charging station. The SoundDock series II is considerably advanced in terms of design and features when compared to its original version. It’s notable upgrades from series I include the following:

·             A 3.5mm auxiliary audio input at the back for external portable audio devices. The original SoundDock was only compatible with iPod.

·             A two-piece wall adapter along with a power cable rather than a windable one like in the portable version.

·             Instead of a six button remote that came with original SoundDock, series 2 offers an eight-button remote offering Power, Volume, Play/Pause, Track Select and Playlist Select features.

At 6.65 inches high and 11.91 inches wide, the Bose SoundDock II boasts of an elegant design that looks good at every tabletop, bookshelf or mantelpiece. The system runs on a small AC adapter connected with a detachable AC cord, while the functionalities can easily be controlled through the sleek remote.


Wondering what Bose SoundDock Series II actually offer its customers? Here are some of its notable features:

·             Bose SoundDock 2 preserved the general cabinet design with counter-friendly dimensions identical to the original SoundDock. It flaunts a simple, elegant, and efficient design that amplifies the sound quality of the music.

·             The system comes with its own adapter, which enables the user to charge the device while the music being played.

·             As far as the functionally is concerned, Bose SoundDock II continues to favor simplicity. You plug in your iPod or iPhone into the dock, and control the volume, music being played etc. through their sleek remote.

Sound Quality

SoundDock 2 is a system that sounds good right out of the box. The system features two innovative technologies, a chip that subtly adjusts the audio to use the speaker to the fullest and a sound signature that performs music in a way that listeners find pleasant. The system renders music that is natural and smooth. Audiophiles complain that the system lacks bass or treble controls that enable listeners to collaborate sound with their personal preferences. The sonic capabilities of SoundDock 2 are also notable.

Powered by its Bose’s patented digital signal processing circuitry, the system offers excellent sound quality, with smooth and detailed highs, a full midrange and a little exaggerated bass.

One of the major upgrades in SoundDock Series 2 is that it is built to support iPhone. One could expect audio interference caused by wireless communications when the music is being played. But surprisingly Bose has managed to effectively tackle this problem and the SoundDock doesn’t exhibit any sorts of loud buzzes when connected with iPhone.


Simplicity is the USP of Bose SoundDock series systems. All you need to do for enjoying good music is setting the iPod/iPhone to Play on the docking station, adjust the volume, and voila! You can then use the remote to adjust volume and track, cycle between playlists, etc. The Bose SoundDock II also allows you to charge your device while playing another device. Just press and hold second unit’s play button for a few seconds and it will automatically reconfigure to accept the second unit, which cab be then charged through its external standard-size mini-plug.

Bottom Line


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SoundDock Series II offered Bose is a successful system for the new generation of iPod owners, ones who are accustomed to superior sonic performance from their Apple devices and accessories. Despite the series II kept the same old footprint of original SoundDock in terms of sound quality and general designing, the upgrades it featured like the auxiliary input and iPhone compatibility were some really anticipated changes we are happy to see. At the price it is available in the market for, it indeed is the best performing docking system with some really great features.