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How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to Laptop in Windows 10

how to connect bluetooth speaker to laptop windows 10

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It’s safe to say that we now live in a wireless world. People are moving from traditional stationary computers to mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, wireless headphones, and portable speakers.

Bluetooth is now a ubiquitous technology that’s has helped us get rid of cables in our homes and offices. Today, connecting your speaker to your laptop is quite simple. And it’s even easier with Windows 10.

So, how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to laptop Windows 10?

Here’s How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Laptop Windows 10


To connect your wireless speaker to your PC, follow these steps:

Step 1 

on and off button of bluetooth speaker

Ensure your Bluetooth speaker is on and is ready to pair. Some speakers use their On/Off buttons.

But for others, you may need to hold down a button for some seconds until you see some little flashing light which indicates the device is ready to pair.

Modern speakers have gone the extra mile and are now using voice command to turn on Bluetooth.

Step 2

start button of bluetooth speaker

On your laptop, click on the “Start” button, then choose “Settings”, and click on the “Devices” icon.

When the “Devices” page appears, you’ll see a list of all installed devices.

On the left side of the Device window, you’ll see the Bluetooth icon.

Click on the icon and let your computer start searching for nearby Bluetooth devices. Your speaker should be among the detected devices.

If it does not appear, head back to the first step and check whether your speaker is still on and ready to pair.

Step 3

pc detecting a bluetooth speaker

When the PC detects your speaker, you’ll see it listed under the “Add a Device Button” bar. Click on it.

Most times, you will need to put in the Bluetooth speaker’s code to pair. Here is where things get a little bit sticky.

For security purposes, you’ll need to prove that you are actually sitting in front of your PC and that you are not an imposter trying to break in.

Keep in mind that different models employ different techniques for this steps.

Most times, you might be needed to type in a secret passcode into both the computer and speaker (the code is usually somewhere in the speaker’s manual).

On some other devices, you’ll have to hold a button for some seconds. While on others, you’ll have to click the pair button on the display screen.

The Universal Bluetooth Code

If nothing is working, try to type in “0000” on your computer. This is often recognized as the universal Bluetooth code for frustrated devices that don’t pair.

Once the speaker successfully pairs, its name and/or icon should appear on the “Devices” page.

‘See? That’s easy on how to connect Bluetooth speaker to laptop windows 10.

Troubleshooting Tips for Bluetooth Speakers that Do Not Pair

Sometimes your wireless speaker might not connect to your Windows 10 laptop.


If you have religiously followed the steps and nothing is working, consider these troubleshooting tips:

  • Download a driver: If your speaker does not pair with your computer, you might be lacking the appropriate driver on your PC. The easiest way to solve this is by searching online for the name of the speaker along with the word “driver”. Make sure you download drivers from credible and reputable sites only.
  • Incompatibility: Though this is rarely an issue, your speaker might not be compatible with your PC. Some brands clearly spell out what they can connect with and what they can’t connect with. Check your user manual for the complete details.
  • Move your speaker away from the USB 3.0 port: The USB 3.0 can interfere with the Bluetooth connections. This is especially true for newer laptops with high-speed USB 3.0 ports. Try pairing the speaker away from your PC.
  • Get the speaker and laptop away from the Wi-Fi Router: Another Bluetooth pairing obstacle is Wi-Fi connections. Wi-Fi connections use the same spectrum as Bluetooth connections, hence, they can easily cause an interference. So, make sure both your PC and speaker are not close to the router. Alternatively, you can switch off your Wi-Fi router.
  • Delete the Bluetooth speaker from your PC and reconnect it: If your computer detects the speaker’s Bluetooth connection but does not pair, simply remove the speaker from the list of connections on your PC and start from step 1 again. To remove the speaker, click on its name and tap “Forget”.
  • Fully charge both devices: Some speakers and laptops have smart power management systems that disable any Bluetooth connections if the battery is too low. Make sure both devices have at least a 50% charge.
  • Switch off likely Bluetooth interferers: If another device – say your phone – has its Bluetooth on, this could be the problem. Laptops tend to automatically connect to older Bluetooth connections quickly than newer ones.
  • Power both devices off and then back on: A simple reset could do the trick.
  • Bring the devices closer to each other: Sometimes your speaker’s Bluetooth connections might not be strong enough to handle the distance. Bring the devices closer together and try to pair them once more.


how to connect bluetooth speaker to laptop windows 10

With these steps and troubleshooting tips on how to connect Bluetooth speaker to laptop windows 10, your pairing should be successful. Enjoy the music!

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

On a hunt for the best Bluetooth speakers under 100 dollars? It is easy for most people since you don’t have to worry too much about durability. Anything is loud enough, and functional is acceptable. After all, you can easily replace it.

But as soon as you cross the $50 mark, it starts to get tricky. You are spending a considerable amount of cash, and you sure want to get your money’s worth. The good news is that your choices are not limited to this amount of money.

However, with so many brands and designs on the market, your shopping will be riddled with difficult choices.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the heavy lifting, and compiled a list of the best Bluetooth speakers under 100 dollars.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100 Dollars Comparison Table




Our Rating



bluetooth wireless speaker jbl flip

100% Waterproof
Syncs with multiple speakers
12-hour battery playtime

Archeer A320

Archeer A320 Bluetooth Speaker Bamboo

Attractive design
Superior sound quality

Divoom Voombox

Divoom Voombox Party Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with NFC, 2.1 Subwoofer Speaker System, Powerful Sound with Integrated Microphone

Outdoor Proof Seamless metal body

NFC pairing capability

CB3 Armor XL

CB3 Armor XL Bluetooth Speakers

​Powerful sound
Waterproof and rugged
10+ hours playtime
Impressive playback controls

     Sony SRS-XB2

Compact and  lightweight

Unmatched extra bass

12 hours battery life

Here's Our Full Reviews Of The Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100 Dollars For 2018

1. JBL Flip 4 

bluetooth wireless speaker jbl flip

JBL boasts some of the best Bluetooth speakers in the $50-$100 price range, and the Flip 4 is no exception. It’s strikingly similar to the JBL Flip 3, only better.

One of the new features of the Flip 4 is the IPX7 waterproof capability. It can stay submerged in a 3-feet water pool for 30 minutes and still function well. Although this isn’t something you’d want to test, it’s nice to know that you rescue your speaker if you accidentally drop it in the pool.

Another cool addition to the Flip 4 is its ability to sync with up to 100 other speakers. This means you can crank up your music with multiple Flip 4s with no hitches whatsoever. Unfortunately, you can’t sync with previous models like the Flip 3.

In terms of battery life, the Flip 4 lasts for 12 hours at 50% volume. If you play full blast, you will need to recharge it after 5 hours. If you're willing to go a little higher on price, you can always check out our review of the JBL Charge 2.

JBL Flip 2 Portable Wireless Speaker (Black)
  • Built in Bluetooth streaming and 5 hour battery life.
  • Built in Microphone
  • Rechargeable Battery


  • Waterproof
  • Syncs with up to 100 speakers
  • Rechargeable battery of up to 12 hours playtime


  • Will not sync with older Flip models
  • Heavy bass makes the speaker quieter


Our Rating

JBL does it again with this little speaker that packs a punch.

2. Archeer A320

Archeer A320 Bluetooth Speaker Bamboo

Next on our list of the best Bluetooth speakers under 100 dollars is the Archeer A320. It was initially going for $199, but now it's below the 100-dollar mark in most stores. It comes in a unique wooden design and can support a 15W subwoofer and two 5W speakers.

The big Archeer A320 lives up to its huge first impression. It delivers a full frequency range while maintaining crisp, natural sound. It also offers some serious volume, thanks to its three-speaker entry.

While it’s not the most portable Bluetooth speakers in the list, it offers the most robust music experience. It comes with a bag, too.

AOMAIS Life 30W Bluetooth Speakers, Loud Bamboo Wood Home Audio...
  • Attractive Bamboo Detailing on a Powerful Speaker: Dual drivers and passive radiator for superior 30W sound and heavy...
  • 3 EQ Modes - AOMAIS LIFE modes includes: Classic, Party & Surround modes. Enhance Classical music, Heavy metal music &...
  • Long Play and Power Bank: Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, up to 10 hours of play at mid-level volume indoor...


  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Impressive Bluetooth range
  • Attractive design


  • Less portable
  • The micro-USB charger might be an issue for some who prefers an AC adapter.


Our Rating

Get it for its sound quality, features and solid design

3. Divoom Voombox

Divoom Voombox Party Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with NFC, 2.1 Subwoofer Speaker System, Powerful Sound with Integrated Microphone

The Divoom Voombox is a 15W, omnidirectional speaker with a weather-resistant IPX44 rugged design. It comes with a 3600mAH Li-ion battery and the superb NFC pairing capability, guaranteeing you a long-lasting, high-quality audio output.

In terms of design, the Voombox is long, tall, and heavy. And unlike most portable plastic speakers, it is made of high-quality, sturdy metal. It’s also dust and waterproof, making it the perfect speaker for outdoor partying.

Divoom Outdoor2 Portable Rugged Stereo Water Resistant Wireless...
  • NEW* An industry leading 6 drivers design, all fine-tuned by the Divoom audio engineer team.
  • NEW* Unique acoustic technology sends sound waves of true 15W in every direction through 6 internal speaker drivers
  • NEW* Equipped with the advance NFC pairing, built-in microphone, and a 3600mAh Li-on rechargeable battery. The...


  • Impressive bass
  • Weather-resistant
  • Rechargeable battery lasts for 8 hours


  • Heavy for a portable speaker


Our Rating

A powerful speaker with clean audio performance. Fits on our list of best Bluetooth speakers under 100 dollars.

4. CB3 Armor XL

CB3 Armor XL Bluetooth Speakers

Coming just a little above the 50-dollar mark is the CB3 Armor XL. This Bluetooth speaker is all about durability. It can withstand the scorching sunlight, rain, dust, mud, and splash water.

But that’s not all there is to the Armor XL. It also delivers great audio output despite its small size.

It comes with a long-lasting battery, which allows you to enjoy your music for up to 10 hours when fully charged.

For a speaker built to be durable, the Armor XL has impressive playback controls. You can answer, end, and mute calls as well as play the next/previous song, and adjust the volume with these controls.

The only downside is that it doesn’t have the sleekest design you will come across, which is normal for a speaker of its price.

SHARKK MAKO Waterproof Speaker 20 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with...
  • SUPERIOR STERO SOUND - This is the best bluetooth speaker in its range with Advanced Maxx Bass Technology, featuring...
  • ADVANCED CONNECTION CAPACITY with Bluetooth 4.0, NFC Functionality, and an AUX port.
  • Specifications: 4400mAh Battery, Charging Voltage: 5V, Battery voltage: 7.4V, Audio Cable: 3.5mm


  • 10 hours playtime
  • Compact design with clear sounds
  • Built for the outdoors



Our Rating

Excellent build quality and sound for it's size

5. Sony SRS-XB2

Sony SRS XB2 Bluetooth Speaker

The Sony SRS-XB2  comes in the shape of a pill and is available in red, black, or blue. It’s well known for its extra bass, making it a party favorite.

This little Sony beat pill offers crisp and clear natural sound even at full volumes, without the tiniest bit of sound distortion.

However, it can’t withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain or dust for a long time. But if you are more of an indoor person, it's a perfect way to enjoy quality music.

Sony SRSXB2/BLK Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth (Black)
  • EXTRA BASS for deep, punchy sound, Seamless streaming with NFC and Bluetooth
  • Party for longer with a 12-hour battery life, Splash-proof design
  • Compact, portable design


  • Lightweight design
  • Excellent bass
  • Easy to set up


  • Pairing with other devices might be less intuitive


Our Rating

Good quality speaker that packs good power with a booming bass.

Enjoy Quality Music Without Breaking the Bank

Thanks to these 5 options of the best Bluetooth speakers under 100 dollars, you don’t have to go break the bank to enjoy good music indoor or outdoors with friends. That doesn’t mean you can’t spend a fortune on high-end brands if you want to – that’s entirely up to you. But choosing a Bluetooth speaker definitely has its perks. 

But if all you want is a great speaker that won’t give you chills when you drop it accidentally or spill bear on it, then these great picks are the way to go. Good and affordable!

Finding Bluetooth speakers under 100 dollars sound good, but Monoprice, a company that sells different kinds of technology, has great, quality, with loud volume speakers that allow you to take it anywhere and which you can typically get at under $35.

4 Best Portable Monoprice Speakers

Speakers are becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives. Majority of people listen to music regardless of where they are- in the car, at home, in the gym. However, when we’re at home, or having a party, who in their right mind would use their headphones? Speakers are a wonderful technological invention that allow us to enjoy our music freely and loudly, without having to be restrained to using our tiny headphones.

Monoprice is a big company that sells many different kinds of technology that can be used wherever like, computers, TV, and security system gadgets. One thing that they sell that probably makes them a lot of money is their speakers. They don’t just have one kind of speaker, they have many, so if you’re thinking about buying one, then you can definitely choose one that you prefer.


1. Bluetooth® Party Speaker

Image Source: www.monoprice.com

This speaker is known to pack a lot of power and make a lot of noise. If you got this speaker, it would be wonderful for parties such as barbecues, birthday parties, or even just to play by the pool. The nice thing about this speaker is that it is bluetooth capable, so your phone does not need to be plugged into it in order to play your music. Not only can you play it through bluetooth, but you can also plug in your phone, or plug in a a USB that can play music you already have preset on it. It has an 8″ subwoofer inside of it and can produce 50 watts of sound, so it can be heard for miles around. Another nice feature of this speaker is that you can charge it and take it with you anywhere, or you can plug it into an outlet and play it that way.  After reading multiple reviews, the most common comments are how amazing the battery life is, how great the sound is, and how the price is wonderful for being such a great gadget. All-in-all, you can’t go wrong with buying this speaker if you love listening to your music and having parties a lot! You will definitely get your money’s worth.

2. Bluetooth® Portable 360° Speaker

Image Source: www.monoprice.com

This speaker may be small, but it’s mighty! It can be used both indoors and outdoors, but works best if it’s indoors! If it’s in a medium-sized room, the whole space will be filled up with sound. The nice thing about this speaker is that it produces sound in all 360 degrees, and not just out one way. You can also use this speaker to make calls! Out of all of the reviews, a lot of people say that for the price, the sound quality was good. The music also doesn’t become distorted when at a higher volume. For $30, this speaker has pretty good quality and could be used in an office space, the bathroom, or even at the beach.

3. Bluetooth® Portable Speaker

Image Source: www.monoprice.com

Just like a lot of these speakers, the best spec about this speaker is that it is bluetooth capable and you don’t have to have your phone plugged in. Some of the reviews that the quality of the sound is not the best, but then again, it is only a $30 speakers, nothing extravagant. Again, you can take this with you anywhere and would be perfect for the beach or even at your office space. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts a sufficient amount of time. For only $30, this speaker will provide you with some good sound and music.

4. Portable Bluetooth® NFC Brick Speaker

Image Source: www.monoprice.com

This speaker is a very popular item from Monoprice. It’s very compact and can easily be taken anywhere you go. The battery can be charged in about 3 hours and it can be used for about 10 hours before it needs to be charged again, which is a great battery life. I like this speakers because it does not need to be hooked up and you can connect it to your phone, just be simply laying your phone on it. In addition, this speaker can also be used for hands-free calling. Most of the reviews say that this product produces great sound and a great quality and is definitely worth the money.

There are plenty of speakers out there to be used and can provide great quality and sound, but will most likely cost you over $50. Monoprice has great, quality, with loud volume speakers that allow you to take it anywhere and are typically under $35! You can’t go wrong with any of the speakers that they sell!