Phaiser BHS-530: Is It Worth It?

Without a doubt, music motivates our exercise regime. This means that for a successful workout, you need a convenient set of headphones. Many exercise enthusiasts prefer headsets that connect to the back of their heads because this helps to keep the device secure when working out and gives you one less thing to worry about.

The Phaiser BHS-530 was made with all kinds of sports in mind, but it's mostly suited for track exercises like running and power walks. That's because this kind of exercise requires very specific features from a headphone for maximum performance and comfort.

This Phaiser BHS-530 review will tell you just how special these Bluetooth earbuds are and whether it’s worth spending your money on them.

Why Did We Choose to Review Phaiser BHS-530 Headphones?

If you’re searching for a reliable set of headphones that will support you through running, you’re going to need many features. Not all headphones are designed for physical activity, as some don’t have integrated controls that means you can change music on the go. Some headphones aren’t waterproof or have adequate bass, which makes them less desirable for using in the rain and outdoor environments. 

Phaiser BHS-530 are a reasonably-priced set of wireless headphones aimed at runners. They’re stylish, attractive, and look luxurious. When you’re using them during your exercise routines, you’ll appreciate how easy they are to navigate on the go and no command is too difficult to use when moving. As these headphones are over-the-ear, they won’t irritate you while running, and they hook over your ears to remain in place and comfortable during the entire time you listen to music. Let’s move on to talk about the best features of these earbuds and why they’re ideal for runners to use.

Phaiser BHS-530 Review of its Main Features

What is in the Box?

everything inside the box of Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones

When you buy this product, expect to find the following items in the box:

  • Phaiser BHS-530 earphones.
  • 1 pair of comply ear tips.
  • Hard-shell case.
  • Phaiser PRO-K energy bracelet.
  • Warranty information.

You can also buy the PRO-K e-bracelet separately. It uses negatively charged ions to boost your energy, relieve stress, and make you feel refreshed.

Sound Performance

Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones for Running, Wireless Earbuds for...
  • PLAY ALL DAY - Crisp Bluetooth 4.1 HD Audio and 8-hour battery life will have you jamming from your morning commute...
  • YOURS EARS, YOUR FIT - Multi-size memory foam EarTips and comfortable over ear hooks will keep your buds in place and...
  • UNIVERSAL BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES - Connect to your iPhone, TV, laptop, Kindle, tablet, or other Bluetooth device

The Phaiser BHS-530 has superb audio quality even at high volumes. The mids are detailed and natural, and the bass is decent and not overwhelming, like in most high-end in-ear headphones. The earphones also produce crisp highs and clear treble to give your music some extra sparkle. This makes working out while listening to music, fun, and enjoyable.

The BHS-530 also have a wide-range frequency that’s suitable for a wide variety of genres – rock music feels powerful and punchy, hip-hop feels hardcore, acoustic feels impactful, and RnBs are smooth. The overall sound quality is quite impressive, given the earbud's price range.

However, the powerful bass slightly takes away a little bit of the sound clarity. You will be able to notice this if you listen to high volumes in a quiet environment. But this is hardly noticeable when you are deeply engrossed in burning calories at a noisy gym.

Design and Build Quality

Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones

The BHS-530 has a special wearing style to hold the buds in place during your vigorous workouts. The earbuds are made with a flexible Memory-Wire technology that easily fits your head regardless of the size. This creates a perfect seal for the ultimate listening experience.

Moreover, these in-ear headphones have a Liquipel Nano Coating that allows them to survive anything from a running session in the rain, an accidental drop into the pool to a sweaty workout. Even better, they come with a warranty for replacement in case they get damaged by sweat.

And what is a modern wireless earphone without a speakerphone? The Phaiser BHS-530 comes with an in-built mic that accurately captures your voice, clearly reads out an incoming call, and automatically mutes your music. When the call ends, the music automatically starts playing again.

Unfortunately, the built quality has some shortcomings too. The earbuds are stiff and rather annoying to put on – they immediately curl up when you insert into your ears or hang around your neck.


Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones for Running, Wireless Earbuds for...

The Phaiser BHS-530 is incorporated with the latest Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth 4.1. This means that you don’t have to go through the tiring pairing process every time you want to listen to music, your music device will always automatically connect to the earphones after the first successful pairing.

The Bluetooth 4.1 also improves consistency and stability while streaming music to enhance the audio performance.

Comfort and Fit

While behind-the-ear headphones are not everyone’s favorite, those who love this design will immediately fall in love with the BHS-530. This headpiece is made to stay secure and comfortable on your head while you are working out. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with annoying tangling cords.

The earbuds also come with replaceable ear tips for a more secure and comfortable fit. In addition, they are sweat-proof, meaning that they won’t dislodge or slip out of your ears.

Pros and Cons

entangled earphones around an android phone


  • They are quite affordable (under $50 price range).
  • They come with a reliable 7-hour battery life with a 2-hour charge.
  • They utilize the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology.
  • They come with numerous memory foam ear tips for a more comfortable and secure fit.
  • They are compatible with all devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and Kindle.
  • They are lightweight, waterproof, and durable.
  • They come with a lifetime sweat-proof warranty.


  • The inbuilt mic can cause some static noise when taking calls.
  • To some users, the earbuds are stiff and can be annoying to put on as they curl up when you try to insert into your ears or hang around your neck.

What People Are Saying About Phaiser BHS-520 Earbuds

If you’re interested in purchasing the Phaiser BHS-520 earbuds, you might also like to hear what customers are saying about these. Having looked through the official Phaiser website we came across many positive reviews about these wireless headphones.

Among some of the top comments, customers are pleased by how sturdy these earbuds are. No matter how little you spend on headphones, you still want a device that will work and can remain functionable even after a few accidental drops. The sound, materials used and overall design of these headphones means that they won’t easily break. 

Plus, there are several improvements from previous models of Phaiser headphones. For example, they might take more time to charge, but the battery lasts longer once fully charged. Also, many owners love that you don’t have to be right next to your device for the headphones to connect to your favorite songs. This means you can walk far distances and still receive a quality sound, and any sweat or splashes of rain won’t affect their audio performance or functionality either.

Another positive comment is the fit these headphones provide. If your tired of earbuds falling out of your ears every time you move, you need headphones that offer a snug fit and are comfortable to wear for hours. Thankfully, Phaiser BHS-530 headphones are designed for vigorous workouts, so you can run up and down hill without them falling out and you constantly having to adjust them. Finally, customer service is also an important feature when purchasing from a new brand and Phaiser endeavors to support all of their customers. Should you encounter any issues throughout owning these earbuds, you can contact the manufacturer directly for technical support and they’ll help you accordingly. 

Alternative Wireless Headphones For Running

The Phaiser BHS-530 headphones are a great purchase for runners as they are comfortable to wear and won’t slip off, plus feature a sweatproof design so you can wear them while it’s raining or during intense workouts. But if you’d like to see an alternative range of wireless headphones for running, we’ve provided some of the best models on the market right now for you to choose from. 

Jabra Elite Active 65t


The main feature of these earbuds is the comfort, fit and reliability. When listening to music, there is a small sense of drama and not much excitement, but the additional features in the design (listed in the main section) makes these earbuds a well-worth purchase. The audio performance is enough to keep you motivated while running and the volume reaches a reasonable level that isn’t too piercing nor can others hear your music choice as you run past. 

Perhaps the most favorable part of the audio is the midrange frequency, though you can access the Jabra app to adjust the audio settings and use the equalizer to your liking. These adjustments can make noticeable differences to improve the audio. We positively feel that Jabra Elite earbuds are perfect outdoor workouts, thanks to the noise-canceling feature that helps you to get into the zone during tough moments of your running regime.

When you receive a phone call, you can answer without even touching your smartphone. This ensures that your safety is never put at risk by looking down at your phone. Plus, the audio is crystal clear to ensure that you can accurately hear all conversations.


With no wires to hold these earbuds in place, they’re great for runners to wear for long periods and a convenient method for other activities, too. Thankfully, these earbuds are designed to remain in your ear, which means no slipping out during intense exercises. These earbuds are also water resistant and can keep high-pressure water jets from entering the earbuds. Plus, Jabra Elite keep dust out of the earbuds, which is great for running in busy, polluted areas.

Admittedly, these earbuds aren’t anything that special to look at, but they’re designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear. However, if appearance is an important feature to you, there’s a choice of blue or black earbuds and both colors feature a copper or former component to emphasize the logo. Designed from plastic, they don’t irritate your ear canals, and thankfully, don’t protrude out of the ears as some other models can. 

The built-in microphone is barely visible but makes answering phone calls hassle-free. The left earbud features two buttons where you can control the volume and song choice. Press the button for longer to skip a track. 

We’re impressed by the battery life on these earbuds. When fully charged, these can comfortably last up to 15 hours, and they also come with a charging case that makes it an easy and convenient process when it’s that time. 

AfterShokz Trekz Air 


The best feature of these wireless headphones is that you can hear what’s going on around you, which improves your safety while running outdoors. This means that you’re aware of someone shouting you, honking their horn, etc. 

We’ll talk in the next section about these headphones design, but its structure means that the audio works in a different way to other wireless headphones. AfterShokz Trekz Air earbuds transmit sound vibrations through your cheekbones to your cochlea to bypass your eardrums, ear canal, and inner ear. This feature works great for people with hearing impairments and those who love a strong bass.

When using the built-in microphone for phone calls, your background plays a huge part in the audio quality. For example, if you’re in a quiet area, you’ll hear the voice crystal clear, but the quality isn’t exceptional enough to completely drown out background noise, which can make some phone calls difficult to hear. However, this still remains an important feature in your safety so you can hear your surroundings.


Trekz Air earbuds only weigh 29.5 grams, making them comfortable to wear. However, the design is sturdy enough to survive accidentally falls and not dig into your ears while you’re wearing them. Trekz Air earbuds are different from other wireless headphones for runners as they don’t cover your ears or go inside your ear canal. Instead, they comfortably rest on your cheekbones with as little irritation as possible.

These headphones feature Bluetooth 4.2 technology that can cover a range up to 33ft, which means that they won’t lose a connection when your phone isn’t right next to your headphones. As a result, it’s a convenient and ideal feature for sports and running. We love that these headphones also support multiple devices so you can pair your phone and someone else’s at the same time to share different music tastes.

Built with a rechargeable battery, these headphones can play for up to six hours before needing a boost. Fully charging them only takes two hours so you will be up and running again in no time. It’s clear that these headphones are built to last a long time as they’re incredibly strong and flexible.

This means you can drop them, bend them and sweat on them without any issues or breakage. Their durable design makes them an admirable go-to for runner’s headphones. This doesn’t mean that they’re heavy though, as they’re lightweight enough to not provide any pressure on your face or ears so you can easily forget you’re wearing them at all.

KuaiFit Sport Headphones


KuaiFit headphones are equipped with 8GB of memory, which means they can easily store 1,500 songs but you can also stream your favorite songs via Bluetooth. Once you’ve programmed your music playlist, you can crank up the volume while still experiencing a high-quality audio along with a solid bass. We understand that you might like to have your music loud when training, which is what makes KuaiFit Sport headphones ideal for runners.

The audio is impressive, but you should remain aware that these earpieces can nearly completely block out any external noise, so you need to be mindful of your surroundings and any traffic nearby. Alternatively, you can lower the volume as you enter a busy neighborhood. These earphones definitely outperform budget devices in terms of audio performance. 

They really shine toward the middle and high-frequency ranges and there’s no sharp, tinny sound as the notes get higher. As a result, Kuaifit Sport headphones are ideal for listening to high-tempo songs including hip-hop and metal. Kuaifit is more than a brand that sells headphones because they also want to motivate you through exercise and expand your abilities. Download their app to gather insights in your performance while exercising.


These wireless headphones feature an innovative design that is ideal for fitness enthusiasts. Specifically, they are equipped with an integrated heart rate monitor that provides an accurate measurement of your heart throughout any activity. When you’re ready to begin your workout, select the activity via the control buttons and the headphones will begin monitoring your performance via the integrated app on your phone.

The earpieces themselves have an elongated shape so the main part of the earbud can reach fair outside your ear to hold the ear tip in place. Weighing 9.0g in total, these are one of the lightest headphones for runners you can get and outperform Phaiser BHS-530. They’re constructed from plastic which makes them look a little cheaper then Phaiser BHS-530, but they still do the job.

On the outside of both earpieces is a large K logo that adds a customized touch to the headphones and you can also use these as a button; multiple clicks perform different functions. When you’re not charging the earpieces, they remain protected via the rubber seal. This prevents any rain or sweat from entering the jets to leave no harmful, permanent effects. 

Final Verdict of Phaiser BHS-530 Headphones

Priced under the $50 price range, this is certainly a great investment. It offers a quality sound that just enough to motivate you through your workout regime. You’ll also love the durability, versatility, and reliability that it offers. The headphones also come with a lifetime sweatproof warranty that means the manufacturer will replace any earbuds that become damaged from sweat. We also love that Phaiser BHS-530 headphones are compatible with a range of Bluetooth devices, such as a range of iPhones, Apple Watch, multiple other Apple products, PC, Android Wear Smartwatches, and more.

With good music, you’ll tend to work out more effectively. If you exercise regularly, you need to consider the Phaiser BHS-530 for better results. What are your thoughts on Phaiser BHS-530 headphones? Share your thoughts or any additional recommendations in the comments to keep this conversation going.