JBL Charge 2 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review – Built-In Mic and PowerBank

When shopping around for a portable wireless speaker its worth looking for something that that performs well and will give you good sound.

There are many of this type of speaker on the market at the moment that will give you the convenience of having a speaker that is completely portable, so can go anywhere with you.

In these reviews we will be looking at some of the best portable wireless speakers which are top sellers. The JBL Charge 2 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker makes our top 10 list for sound for its size, and the price.
jbl charge 2

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Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in Mic & Power Bank


An amazing wireless bluetooth speaker with exceptional bass quality! Not sure you can get any better than this at this price range. Click on the button to get it now..

So let’s first check out the features:

  • Social mode lets people take turns playing their play list.
  • Passive radiators deliver a powerful sound experience.
  • Built-in mic allows you to answer calls.
  • Ability to charge your devices so you can listen longer.
jbl charge 2 box

The JBL Charge 2 may just be the best in it's class. We love everything about it from the product design (and color choices), to the ability to charge devices. How cool is that?

Editor comment..

Unboxing the JBL Charge 2

This Wireless Speaker Has Tons of Features..

The JBL Charge has a small and compact design which is perfect for traveling and taking anywhere, as it weighs just over one pound and measures 8.35 inches, 3.9 inches, 6.54 inches, and is cylindrical in shape, a bit like a large soda can, and it can be placed vertically or horizontally, as long as you don’t cover the port when standing it.

JBL Charge 2 Side View

The speaker has a USB port that allows you to use its built-in 6,000mAh lithium ion battery, so that you can actually use it to charge your smartphone, tablet or other portable devices, the rechargeable battery should give you up to 12 hours of use from a single charge, although that also depends on how high the volume is set.

For the size of the speaker, the sound quality that you get from the JBL charge 2 Bluetooth speaker is very impressive, and there is enough power to be able to fill a small room without any significant distortion as long as the volume level isn’t set too high.

There are two 1.5-inch drivers, and it delivers a rich and clear sound with quite a punchy bass when the volume isn’t cranked right up, the bass can be a little distorted at too high volume, but this isn’t a big thing.

You will also be able to stay connected, as the JBL Charge has built-in microphone so that you can answer any calls, and there is a social mode feature so that 3 people can connect via Bluetooth at the same time.


The Good Stuff:
  • Very good battery life.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Nice design.
  • Charges devices.
  • Amazing overall features
The Bad Stuff:
  • Bass a little over powering at higher volumes
jbl charge 2
jbl charge 2 box
JBL Charge 2 Front

JBL Charge 2

If you're looking for a portable bluetooth speaker with great sound and long battery life this is the wireless speaker for you.

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