Need to Fix Your Bose – Here’s Where to Buy Bose Sounddock Replacement Parts

Where to Buy Bose SoundDock Replacement Parts

Bose has developed a heritage in the world of audio systems. From cinema quality huge sound systems to portable home and automotive music devices, Bose is one name that dominates the industry.

The company offers a wide array of products and one of them, which gained immense popularity in the past decade, is Bose SoundDock.

This premium docking system, specially designed for the iPod and iPhone users has garnered a lot of appreciation from audiophiles for its powerful sonic capabilities and exceptional sound quality.

While Bose strives to offer a robust system that outstands its competition; usage over a prolonged period of time can cause some wear and tear to the system. If you own a Bose SoundDock Series I, II, III or 10 and are encountering some issues in its working; chances are it is calling for repairs and maintenance.

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Whether you have a Bose SoundDock with no sound at all or a system with some broken accessories, repair and replacement can make it as good as new. Don’t worry we will make it a hassle-free chore for you. We have listed the best places from where you can buy Bose SoundDock replacement parts and resurrect your old sound system. Dig in.

Factory Authorized Service

If you are having issues with your SoundDock while it is still in warranty, we suggest taking advantage of Bose’s factory authorized services. The best part is that depending on the cause of problem with your SoundDock’ you may even qualify for a free replacement.

Remember, you will need to prove you’re your SoundDock is having problems due to normal usage. Locate the nearest authorized dealer of Bose products to get assistance. You could also call their service center for guidance.

If your SoundDock is not in warranty but you still only want to rely on the company for replacement parts and accessories; even that is viable. Knock-off replacement parts do not offer the same performance and may also have compatibility issues. Visit and order the replacement parts directly from the manufacturer online.

Amazon is the next best place to find reliable and original Bose SoundDock replacement parts. Be careful while ordering the product since the site carries a wide range of both original and duplicate products. Read the reviews and check the seller before ordering. Enlisted below are links to some original SoundDock replacement parts available on Amazon:

Bose SoundDock Remote

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Remote is one accessory that suffers the most breakage or wears and tear. You can buy this replacement gray remote compatible with SoundDock Series II, III and Portable system.

Bose Power Supply for SoundDock Portable

Bose Sounddock Replacement Parts

In case you damage or lose your original charger that came along with the SoundDock, this replacement Bose power supply 95PS-030-CD-1 will be a perfect fit. It is also compatible with SoundLink Air and SoundLink wireless.


Couldn’t find the replacement part you were looking for on Amazon? Worry not! You can also try eBay, and if you are lucky enough, you might as well find low-cost used parts in great working condition. Some of those replacement parts may require you to bid but guess what, it can be really worth at the end.

eBay offers a large selection of both new and used SoundDock replacement parts, hardware and accessories. From docking connector replacement kits to Bluetooth upgrades and power supplies, you can find everything on eBay. You can also buy SoundDock upgrade kits to make your system compatible with the recent developments. In order to find the right fit for your system, all you need to do is search. But just like with any other online purchase, always remember to check the seller’s ratings and history.

Parts Express

If none of the above options worked, Parts Express can be your one-stop online shopping store for replacement parts and accessories. The site offers specializes in selling replacement parts for a wide range of brands and technological merchandise.

Its site offers a wide array of replacement parts including speakers, adapters, woofers, ear pads, silicone ear buds and more. You can find a low price of premium quality Bose SoundDock replacement parts.

If you are looking to save money, you can also browse knock-off replacement parts offered by other manufacturers.


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These replacement parts are generally available at a much lower cost than the original parts. But if you are worried that it might not provide the same level of performance as the original, it’s best to shell out some extra bucks and go with the original parts only. However, you can think of getting knock-off replacements in case you need accessories like the remote control.

Also finding replacement parts for the older versions like the SoundDock original can be really difficult. In that case, you might have to settle down for used or refurbished replacement part or hardware.